Return to SF

Our road trip is now complete *sad-face*. We dropped the car off earlier, confirmed it hadn’t exploded (he did ask us that!) then were let loose on the public transport. One slight mishap later and we’re settled in our hotel in the Union Square area of San Francisco.
This afternoon we had a look around, then headed into Chinatown for some dinner. We chose a place that looked rather touristy, as we’ve been told that on the streets you can find shops with various “animal parts that you would not see on sale anywhere else”.
After a safe set meal for two, we headed back to Union Square, and on the advice of Sarah’s family friends who’ve been to California a couple of times, we went to The Grand Hyatt Hotel for a drink. The cocktails weren’t too expensive, and the views were spectacular. The shot above is a long exposure taken from our table; this was our actual view. Really amazing.
We’ve got a few things in mind for the next few days, enough to keep us busy and combat the end-of-holiday blues! This part of the trip feels different enough though, more like a city break, so it’s not too depressing actually!
We hear the weather is pretty shocking back home; we’re not joking when we say we can’t even remember what rain is! Other than a little fog in the mornings, the weather is fantastic here. Fingers crossed things will improve by the time we arrive back in England!
Goodnight from us, although it’s good morning to everyone back home!