Only in LA

We’re now two thirds the way through our journey, with just the drive back up the coast remaining. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been in LA any time at all, but we set off to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning. We were under the impression that LA would be less crazy than Vegas, but it turns out it’s just as crazy, but in different ways. We spent the first day exploring Santa Monica, yesterday we visited Hollywood and the Getty Center, and today we’ve been at Venice Beach. We’ve seen many things “LA style”; a guy casually carrying a bearded dragon down the street, a bus with a bike rack on the front, people rollerblading down the promenade, oh and many “medical practitioners” ready and waiting to “assess” if we qualified for “medicinal” marijuana, in exchange for 40 bucks of course! Despite it being (a lot!) cooler than Vegas we’ve still managed to top up the sunburn tan! Time for a shower, some aftersun, and some food now.

We’re fairly certain that things will get less crazy as we travel up the coast, however it is July 4th soon, so that could influence things!