Vancouver Island

Our second to last destination on this trip is Victoria, Vancouver Island, and what a wonderful place! We felt at home here right away, and there’s lots of lovely things to see and do. We spent our first day exploring and walking around, then went for dinner at a place featured on the TV programme “You Gotta Eat Here“, which was really good.

Today, after a quick run, we’ve been to The Royal BC Museum where we learnt a lot about the history of British Columbia, and other parts of the US and Canada. Tonight we had a bit of a walk before our dinner.

Now I’m writing this it seems like we hardly did anything, but this place really is amazing and I keep having to remind myself how far from home I really am.

So tomorrow we head back to Vancouver for the final three nights of our holiday. We keep saying how long ago everything that we’ve done seems, but at the same time how quickly it’s gone.

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