End of our Rocky Mountain trip!

Today we’ve been in the hot springs – the water is naturally heated to 38 degrees! It was like being in a hot-tub, and you couldn’t stay in for too long without overheating! We also did a little walk to a viewpoint in Banff called “Surprise Corner”. It was pretty rubbish to be honest, but we’ve put this down to the amazing views that we’ve had on the drive here. The photos below are from Vermillion Lake and Minniwanka (it’s seriously called that, I haven’t made this up!).

Tonight is our last night in Lake Louise, which brings the Rocky Mountain trip to an end. Tomorrow we begin to head back east west (editorial note: whoops!) towards Vancouver. We have a little stop off on the way in a town called Merritt. There’s nothing much there, it’s just a place to stay for a night and break up the drive.

Jasper and Banff have been truly beautiful. We’ve taken loads of pictures, but they don’t even come close to doing these places justice.

I’ll miss them, but I can’t wait to see Vancouver Island, and, of course, the Boeing factory!

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