Vancouver Island

Our second to last destination on this trip is Victoria, Vancouver Island, and what a wonderful place! We felt at home here right away, and there’s lots of lovely things to see and do. We spent our first day exploring and walking around, then went for dinner at a place featured on the TV programme “You Gotta Eat Here“, which was really good.

Today, after a quick run, we’ve been to The Royal BC Museum where we learnt a lot about the history of British Columbia, and other parts of the US and Canada. Tonight we had a bit of a walk before our dinner.

Now I’m writing this it seems like we hardly did anything, but this place really is amazing and I keep having to remind myself how far from home I really am.

So tomorrow we head back to Vancouver for the final three nights of our holiday. We keep saying how long ago everything that we’ve done seems, but at the same time how quickly it’s gone.


After a brief interrogation at the US border, we were in Washington (state, not DC!) and then onto Seattle. We called in at the Boeing factory on our way, which is absolutely huge. You don’t really notice when you’re in it though, as everything is relative, but when you think that there are four 777 (huuuge planes!) in front of you, you kind of realise! We don’t have any photos of the inside, as cameras aren’t allowed. Apparently the FBI wouldn’t be too pleased if you managed to sneak one in either.

We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, which was absolutely amazing. So much choice, so much food, and it tastes really good too. Definitely need to get back on the running once we’re back! Then we popped down to Union Lake for a 4th of July firework display, which started with a helicopter flying past with the American flag dangling down!
We spent our last day in Seattle mostly at the Space Needle, where you go 500 feet in the air and get spectacular 360 degree views of the city. We also saw the first ever Starbucks – it’s unbelieveble when you see what they started from and where they are now. 
This morning we took the ferry to Vancouver Island. It’s a lovely place, and warrants a post all of it’s own, so watch this space!

End of our Rocky Mountain trip!

Today we’ve been in the hot springs – the water is naturally heated to 38 degrees! It was like being in a hot-tub, and you couldn’t stay in for too long without overheating! We also did a little walk to a viewpoint in Banff called “Surprise Corner”. It was pretty rubbish to be honest, but we’ve put this down to the amazing views that we’ve had on the drive here. The photos below are from Vermillion Lake and Minniwanka (it’s seriously called that, I haven’t made this up!).

Tonight is our last night in Lake Louise, which brings the Rocky Mountain trip to an end. Tomorrow we begin to head back east west (editorial note: whoops!) towards Vancouver. We have a little stop off on the way in a town called Merritt. There’s nothing much there, it’s just a place to stay for a night and break up the drive.

Jasper and Banff have been truly beautiful. We’ve taken loads of pictures, but they don’t even come close to doing these places justice.

I’ll miss them, but I can’t wait to see Vancouver Island, and, of course, the Boeing factory!