Jasper National Park

After a four and a half hour drive we made it from Whistler to Jasper. Unfortunately the rest stop we used to swap driving duties was the mosquito capital of Canada, and I’m now sporting 20 (no joke) bites on my legs. Itchy doesn’t even begin to describe it!
So once we arrived yesterday we went for a quick hike, saw some really long trains and ground squirrels (very cute!) and then settled in. Today we’ve been on the Jasper Sky Train, which, if I’m honest, I was absolutely dreading due to my fear of heights. Once we were up there though it was well worth it – the views were amazing – and we got to see some more ground squirrels.

So that’s it for Jasper. We’ve been a bit unlucky with the weather as the pictures show, but the forecast is looking a bit better for the next few days. Our drive to Banff will be around 3 hours tomorrow, and we may or may not have Wifi so there may not be an update for a while. We’ll take plenty of photos of course though – it’s going to be fun sorting through them all (not!).

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