Santa Barbara, and Happy 4th July in Pismo Beach

Wow, the days are going by really quickly now! We had a night in Santa Barbara, which was really nice actually. We agreed that it’s like the undercurrent of South America which seems to be present a lot in California really comes through here, and in a very good way. You can easily forget you’re in the USA; it has a very Mediterranean feel!

Today we’re at Pismo Beach, a nice little place just off Freeway 101. We had a walk down to the beach where we saw many many Americans celebrating 4th July (Independence Day!), with barbecues and all sorts going on. Luckily we were a walk away; some locals were charging $50 (no, I didn’t miss a decimal point!) to park in their yards.

One more stopover in Monterey tomorrow, then we’re back to San Francisco for a few days before heading back. Really starting to feel sad that it’s coming to an end now, it’s gone so quickly but we’ve done so much, and really feel settled in here now. Not sure what to do for tea tonight; we had a burger from Jack In The Box for lunch, then snacked on leftovers from the Mexican last night, so we’re not all that hungry. I’m sure we’ll find something though!

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