Only in LA

We’re now two thirds the way through our journey, with just the drive back up the coast remaining. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been in LA any time at all, but we set off to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning. We were under the impression that LA would be less crazy than Vegas, but it turns out it’s just as crazy, but in different ways. We spent the first day exploring Santa Monica, yesterday we visited Hollywood and the Getty Center, and today we’ve been at Venice Beach. We’ve seen many things “LA style”; a guy casually carrying a bearded dragon down the street, a bus with a bike rack on the front, people rollerblading down the promenade, oh and many “medical practitioners” ready and waiting to “assess” if we qualified for “medicinal” marijuana, in exchange for 40 bucks of course! Despite it being (a lot!) cooler than Vegas we’ve still managed to top up the sunburn tan! Time for a shower, some aftersun, and some food now.

We’re fairly certain that things will get less crazy as we travel up the coast, however it is July 4th soon, so that could influence things!

Choppers, steak and the Vegas sign

So, yesterday was pretty amazing. We did a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and the strip, which allowed for some amazing views. Then we had dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak, in the Paris hotel. It was so good, the best steak I’ve had, and even the cheapest bottle of red was really nice. This morning we decided to get the classic Vegas shot; it was quite a way away, especially in the morning heat, but worth it.

We spent the afternoon by the pool, enjoying the 40 degree heat, and we’re just getting ready to go out for tea tonight. We got some coupons for the buffet here (Treasure Island) so we’re just gonna go there tonight.

LA tomorrow. 20 degrees is gonna feel so cold, despite it being much better than England!

What happens in Vegas…

Wow. That pretty much sums up Vegas for us, although Sarah did describe it as “Disneyland for adults”. This place is amazing. So much to do, so many things to see, and the heat, it’s insane. Even the wind is boiling hot. Feels really nice compared to English weather. Sarah thinks it would get too much after not too long. I’m not convinced yet, but she’s usually correct.

We’ve been to Planet Hollywood, rode the Rollercoaster at New York New York, been to the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and just lazed by the pool before we head out to The Cheesecake Factory for tea, on the recommendation of some of my friends from back home. We’ve seen the volcano at Mirage erupt and plan on catching the fountains at Bellagio some time.

Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon tomorrow afternoon, and we depart from McCarran airport, and get to see the strip from the air so that should be extra cool.

Sarah and I agree it’d take quite a while to get bored of this place; we’ve got three nights to try our best!

Sneaky second post

Just after we finished tea we had a very quick explore of the area, and decided to take some classic road-trip shots. See attached!

Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and staying alive

No updates for the past few days, hopefully no one was worried! Wireless was poor in Lake Tahoe and extortionate in Yosemite. Both very beautiful and scenic places with lots to explore.

We’ve just arrived in Lone Pine, around 600 miles into our 1800 mile journey. It’s very hot here, even at 4PM! Gonna be insane tomorrow!

Vegas tomorrow after a four hour drive! On the plus side we’re now pretty much adjusted to the time difference!

NASCAR, State Capitol and nacho cheese

So, after our breakfast yesterday we spent the day sightseeing in Sacramento. We headed for some lunch, had some amazing (messy!) nacho cheese hotdogs at Fanny Ann’s.

We then headed over to Capitol Park, but were a bit shocked to see roads closed and a lot of activity on the way. A friendly local policeman told us that 50 (Sarah thought he said 15!) NASCAR trucks were coming through. Was rather an amazing sight, lots of people out on the street taking photos and videos. Capitol Park was good, there were even orange trees, although I couldn’t reach any of them!

We finished the day with an insanely cheesy pizza, which was pretty nice, and we even have some left over for lunch today. We had a pretty early night as we’re not quite fully adjusted to the time difference yet.

Breakfast at the hotel done, time to get packed and then we’ll be on our way to Lake Tahoe. Looking forward to getting the proper camera out!

Pancakes and French toast

Wow, the highways around San Fran were pretty insane but we got here in one piece! It kinda looks like the wild west in old town Sacramento but the breakfast is good!

Quite a few things we want to do here today, including the railroad museum. Weather is looking pretty awesome so far!

Early start

Well it’s just gone 5am here and we’re up and rearing to go. Just having a coffee and getting our stuff together then we’re heading to Sacramento. Hopefully it won’t be too busy by the time we arrive!

Long first day

Just about to get into bed, it’s only 7pm here but we’ve been awake 22 hours!

More tomorrow!

The start of our journey to California

After an early start and a quick flight we’re in London in plenty of time for our flight to San Francisco. Excellent service from British Airways so far, we even got breakfast on the plane! Time to play the waiting game now; we’re stocked up on sweets, books, magazines and a travel pillow for me! We’re both feeling quite tired, which is good as it means we stand a good chance of passing the time on the long flight with a snooze!